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The highly successful PS-2 covered hopper was designed by Pullman Standard in the 1940s. This virtually all-welded 2-bay hopper had a 2003 cubic foot capacity and wa well suited for a variety of transportable bulk commodities such as sugar, wheat and oat flour and calcium carbide. However by 1952, the demand for a larger covered hopper was quite evident. Pullman Standard quickly responded with new 3-bay car. This new hopper was just what the railroads and lessees wanted and it soon superseded the 2-bay car in production.

3-Rail MSRP: $59.95
2-Rail MSRP: $62.95
Estimated Delivery: 4th Quarter 2017


  • Roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • Separately applied ladders, brake wheel & brake line detail
  • True scale dimensions with accurate details
  • Weighted, detailed underframes
  • 2-Rail cars feature scale wheels and body-mounted scale couplers
  • Metal couplers and sprung die-cast trucks
  • Accurate painting and lettering
Item# 3-Rail Description Item# 2-Rail
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper
2002500 Undecorated 2002550
New Paint Schemes!
2002508 Domino Sugar (Gray/Blue) 2002558
2002509 Erie Lackawanna (Oxide Red/White) 2002559
2002510 Gulf Mobile & Ohio (Gray/White) 2002560
2002511 Soo Line (Oxide Red/White) 2002561
2002512 Union Pacific (Gray/White) 2002562
2002513 Wabash (Black/White) 2002563
  5th Run - June 2015  
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper - New Paint Schemes!
2002500 Undecorated 2002550
2002501 Baltimore & Ohio* (Gray/Black) 2002551
2002502 Cotton Belt (Gray/Black) 2002552
2002503 Great Northern (Gray/Black/Red) 2002553
2002504 Illinois Central (Gray/Black) 2002554
2002505 Louisville & Nashville* (Aluminum/Blue) 2002555
2002506 Santa Fe (Oxide Red/White) 2002556
  4th Run - May 2011  
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper - New Paint Schemes!
839 Unlettered 889
840 Atlantic Sugar 890
841 Burlington 891
842 Chicago & North Western 892
843 Conrail 893
844 Erie 894
845 Santa Fe 895
  3rd Run - August 2010  
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper - New Paint Schemes!
0835 DT&I 0885
0836 Erie Lackawanna 0886
0837 Southern 0887
0838 Southern Pacific 0888
  2nd Run - November 2007  
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper - New Paint Schemes!
0831A Burlington Northern 0881A
0832A Jack Frost 0882A
0833A Norfolk & Western 0883A
0834A P&LE (NYC)* 0884A
1st Run - November 2006
Atlas O Trainman® 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hopper
826A Burlington 876A
827A Chessie System* 877A
828A Union Carbide 878A
829A Union Pacific† 879A
Two Road Numbers are available per Road Name.
*CSX Licensed Product
Products bearing Union Pacific and Southern Pacific marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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