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The NRE Genset locomotive has been in regular production since 2006, with over 180 units produced to date. Gensets are marketed as low-emission, reduced fuel consumption locomotives and tend to operate in metropolitan areas where air pollution is a concern. Power for these locomotives is generated by 2 or 3 independent diesel engines which produce 700 hp each. These engines engage and disengage as more or less horsepower is required.

This model includes all new body tooling and represents the next phase of NRE Genset production, unofficially referred to as the "Genset II". The primary spotting feature is a redesigned long hood which is now includes a provision for dynamic brakes. The low nose is now noticeably shorter, due to the cab being positioned farther forward on the frame.

Standard MSRP: $144.95
Estimated Delivery: 2nd Quarter 2013


AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.

Item# Road Name Road Number
Atlas HO Trainman® Plus NRE Genset Locomotive
10 000 382 Undecorated -
10 001 383 Belt Railway of Chicago (Gray/Black/Yellow) 210
10 001 384 Belt Railway of Chicago (Gray/Black/Yellow) 211
10 001 385 BNSF (Orange/Black) 1293
10 001 386 BNSF (Orange/Black) 1294
10 001 387 Canadian Pacific (Red/White) 2100
10 001 388 Canadian Pacific (Red/White) 2101
10 001 389 CSX* (Blue/Yellow) 1309
10 001 390 CSX* (Blue/Yellow) 1311
10 001 391 Indiana Harbor Belt (Orange/Green) "Village of Bridgeview" 2140
10 001 392 Indiana Harbor Belt (Orange/Green) "Village of Franklin Park" 2141
10 001 393 NRE Demonstrator (Blue/Gold/White) 2020
*CSX Licensed Product


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