"The new Trainman series locomotive is definitely good news for the O-gauge hobby. First, it provides 2-rail and 3-rail operators with affordable motive power that is compatible with scale NMRA DCC or TMCC command control systems. Second, the RSD-4/5’s highquality decoration and crisply molded details allow it to fit in, almost undetected, with other higher priced O-scale models. Finally, it allows new blood to enter our hobby with minimal investment, but with maximum 1/48-scale play value."
-David Otte, Model Railroad News, August 2006

The Alco RSD 4/5 locomotive was a six motor version of the popular RS 3 road switcher. Designed as heavy freight haulers, they were often found in mountainous territory, or used in coal-hauling services. Ours is a truly exquisite reproduction of the original.

To create these smooth-running, scale replicas, Atlas’ prototype pros have combined handsome new paint schemes with state-of-the-art detailing and construction. From their etched metal fan grill to their separately applied wire grab-irons and more, these locomotives will impressively lead your rolling stock around your layout!

Matching cabooses available separately.

3-Rail TMCC MSRP: $399.95
3-Rail MSRP: $249.95
2-Rail DC MSRP: $249.95
Estimated Delivery: October 2009


  • Separately applied wire grab-irons
  • Etched metal fan grill
  • Fan detail
  • Scale length loco - operates on 0-31 track
  • Lighted number boards
  • Directional lighting
  • Golden white LED headlight
  • Matching cabooses available
  • 3-rail loco available in TRAINMAN™ TMCC or as 3-Rail with horn and bell sounds
  • 2-rail loco has fixed pilots and scale couplers

Additional TMCC Features:

  • Lionel® TrainMaster Command Equipped featuring RailSounds™ digital sound system, (including horn, bell diesel-roar sounds, etc.), Crew Talk® (in command), and more
  • RailSounds™ operates in both conventional and command modes in 3-Rail
  • Operating electro-couplers
3-Rail TMCC Item# Description 3-Rail Item# 2-Rail DC Item#
Atlas O Trainman® RSD-4/5 Locomotive
0484-1 Jersey Central #1601 0476-1 0492-1
0485-1 Jersey Central #1608 0477-1 0493-1
0486-1 Pennsylvania #8446 0478-1 0494-1
0487-1 Pennsylvania #8449 0479-1 0495-1
0488-1 Santa Fe #2103 0480-1 0496-1
0489-1 Santa Fe #2107 0481-1 0497-1
0490-1 Southern Pacific #155 0482-1 0498-1
0491-1 Southern Pacific #160 0483-1 0499-1
1st Run - November 2005
Atlas O Trainman® RSD-4/5 Locomotive
0426-1 Chesapeake & Ohio* #5572 0401-1 0451-1
0427-1 Chesapeake & Ohio* #5575 0402-1 0452-1
0428-1 Chicago & North Western #1665 0403-1 0453-1
0429-1 Chicago & North Western #1667 0404-1 0454-1
0430-1 Cotton Belt #270 0405-1 0455-1
0431-1 Cotton Belt #271 0406-1 0456-1
0432-1 Santa Fe #2131 0407-1 0457-1
0433-1 Santa Fe #2138 0408-1 0458-1
Two Road Numbers are available per Road Name.
*CSX Licensed Product
Products bearing Southern Pacific, Cotton Belt and Chicago & North Western marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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